What we will accept

~ Shampoo

~ Soap

~ Toothbrush

~ Toothpaste

~ Lotion

~ NEW socks

~ Anti-bacterial gel/Purel

~ Gender Neutral/unscented Deodorant

~ Lip balm

~ Travel kleenex

~ Soap holders and toothbrush holders

~ Floss

~ Sample Laundry Detergent

~ Travel sized sunscreen

~ Travel sized feminine hygiene products

~ Scarves

~ New contraceptives

Clothing that can be used but must be in like new condition/clean:

~ Baseball hats

~ Winter hats

~ Thick gloves (not the knitted type, actual thick/waterproof type)


Other extra items:

~ NEW tarps

~ NEW size XL tshirts with no logos

~ Rechargeable/wind up Flashlights

~ Soft granola bars

~ Fruit gummies

~ Fast food gift cards (in small denominations)

Alternatively, check out our Amazon Wishlist that will ship directly to us!


(Please copy and paste the link into your search bar. Direct link does not work properly)

or click “Find a wishlist” on amazon.ca and type in “the rose quest”

What we cannot accept

~ Used products of any kind

~ Jewelry

~ Candles

~ Perfume / Cologne 

~ Hair accessories

~ Nail Polish / remover

~ Furniture

~ Bed furnishings 

~ Undergarments 

~ Shoes

~ Lubricant

~ Canned food

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